Protecting the environment is at the heart of what we do.

  • Clean oil from impacted areas
  • Provide first lines of defense

Adsorb-it® Gulf Oil Spill Cleanup Products

Adsorb-it® products, made with genuine patented X-TEX®, are in use today throughout impacted and threatened areas of the Gulf — like this beach in Gulfport, Mississippi, where our oil "Adsorbing" fences provide critical shoreline protection.

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Adsorb-it Filtration Fabric for filtering oil, oil sheen and oil-borne contaminants from water

Adsorb-it® / X-TEX® Filtration Fabric
Item #AF11-2, #AF11-5

Adsorb-it® fabric is made from 100% recycled select fibers from the textile industry; designed with the unique ability to allow the virtually unrestricted flow of salt or fresh water through the fabric at rates in excess of 100 gallons per minute per square foot while retaining oils, oil sheen, and oil-borne contaminants in the fabric matrix. Available in 250' rolls 2' wide and 5' wide.

ShoreGuard Dumbo Surfer to protect shorelines  

Shore GuardTM "Dumbo Surfer"TM
Item #MSG5-10

The “Dumbo Surfer” is designed for use in turbulent water and light surf to protect shorelines by capturing and retaining released oils, oil sheen and oil-borne contaminants. They can be interconnected and towed through a release to remove and recover the oil and oil sheen.

Boom and Dock Curtain for on-going removal of oil and sheen from marina waters.  

Boom & Dock CurtainTM
Item #MBC15-10

A 15" deep by 10' long double layer of Adsorb-it® Filtration Fabric designed to be attached to floating docks, barges, boat lifts, rafts, fence boom, and a variety of other floating media for the on-going removal of oils, oil sheen and oil-borne contaminants that have been released to the water.

Filter Boom remove oil from the surface and sub-surface  

Filter BoomTM
Item #EFB21-10

Adsorb-it® Filtration Fabric floating curtain boom 21" deep by 10' long. For use on any body of water to remove oil and oil sheen from the surface and subsurface. Hook multiple units together to span any distance.

Oil Sweep to mop up small oil and fuel releases

Oil SweepTM
Item #MOS12-30, #HOS-24, #HSH-60F

Mop up an oil or fuel spill on boat decks, in the shop, garage, or warehouse. Use the Oil Sweep any place that would normally require hands-and-knees placement and removal of sorbent pads. The complete unit is comprised of three parts: the Oil Sweep Cover, the Standard Frame, and the Fiberglas Handle.

We take pride in the quality of our Adsorb-it® Products.

We use only the finest materials in their construction. Our thread is a heavy duty polyester that is impervious to prolonged exposure to the elements and contaminants. Our designs are well thought-out, and based on over 30 years experience in the environmental industry. We will stand behind all of our products because our workmanship is top quality. We welcome input from our customers, and will work with you to create products for your specific needs.

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